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Trial Lens Set Standard Full field Color Coded Cylinders

Standard Trial Lens Set is available with minus cylinders (OS-8010), plus cylinders (OS-8009), or the full set of both (OS-8008).

Plus or minus cylinder trial sets come with 192 pieces, including spheres (in pairs) from 0.12D to 20.00D, and cylinders from 0.12D to 6.00D. Complete sets of both plus and minus come with a total of 226 pieces (pictured above).

All Standard Trial Lens Sets include Prism Pairs of 0.5, 1, & 2, and Individual Prisms of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8. Each set also includes an auxillary slit, Red filter, Green Filter, 1mm Pinhole, 1.5mm Pinhole, and Occluder in trial rims. The rims and handles of all Plus Spheres are plated black to distinguish them from Minus Spheres, even in low light. These trial lens sets come with an attractive, durable, carrying case, and the entire inner lens tray is removable for use in a standard office cabinet.


Perimeter Trial Lens set

Comes with 68 pieces total, including spheres from 0.25D to 16.00D, and cylinders from 0.25D to 5.00D.
Trial Lens set Perimeter.


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