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Preventative Maintenance of ophthalmic equipment is highly critical to ensure a safe standard and prolonged life avoiding costly repairs. It is recommended that all equipment instruments receive periodic inspections, cleaning and recalibration (if necessary) anywhere between 8-12 months depending on usage.

Competitive Preventive Maintenance Service Rates (Parts are extra)


  • Phoroptor     $300

  • Slit Lamp      $200

  • Keratometer $125

  • Lensmeter    $200

  • Lensmeter    $400 B&L Model 70

  • Projector        $95

  • Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope $95

  • Slit Lamp Tonometers calibration. $250 (In house only)

  • Tono-Pen Service $450 (flat rate)


         (All prices subject to change without notice)

Repair Service Rates (Parts are extra)


Factory trained technicians


  • Labor $125 (per-hour per technician)

  • Travel Expense $125 (per-hour per technician)


    (All prices subject to change without notice)




Are you selling your practice or retiring?

*Need your Ophthalmic equipment

*Want to know your fair market Value?

*We offer Ophthalmic Equipment Appraisals 
*Inventory all your Ophthalmic equipment,

*Take individual pictures, Take model & serial numbers

*Contact us to set up your equipment Appraisals at:



We Service Bay Area Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Hospitals


Hand Held Slit Lamps

Tono-Pens and Tono Pen Tip Covers

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes


Do you need your Equipment moved?


We specialize in moving all ophthalmic equipment and re-calibration to the room size,

either single or multiple lanes.
Trust professionals with your investment.

Phoroptor Repair Center: "The Best In the West"


Phoroptors may be shipped to our repair center for preventative maintenance and/or repair.

Fast turn around time.

Re-upholstery service for Chairs and Stools


We can make your Chair and/or stool look brand new, with choice of color.

Please contact us for more information, pricing, and to schedule for service.

Call P.O.S. for Positive Results.

We Service Most Major Brands


  • Burton

  • Ezer

  • Farber

  • Heine

  • Haag Streit

  • Kowa

  • Marco

  • Nidek

  • Nikon

  • Ocular

  • Propper

  • Reichert


  • Topcon

  • Welch Allyn

  • Zeiss


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