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The new Ezer EZ-Horus Auto Focus Camera

The new Ezer EZ-Horus Auto Focus Camera allows a comprehensive Fundus Screening with impressive crisp clear 5 Megapixel resolution images. The Non Mydriatic Ezer EZ-Horus Lens 45° makes Fundus Screening easier and convenient when used alongside the award winning Ezer EZ-Horus Auto Focus Camera.

Fundus screening has never been easier or more convenient than with the new Ezer EZ-Horus Auto Focus Camera.

The unit’s unique, lightweight design delivers impressive crisp, clear images with 5M pixel resolution.

Both still images and videos are captured with the touch of a button and displayed on a lightweight, 3.5” full color LCD display with touchscreen capabilities.

Users will appreciate the 45-degree field of view that’s possible with the EZ-Horus Auto Camera as well as the MPOD analysis capabilities.

This camera also allows you to easily transfer the images to a laptop, PC, or to the Internet for telemedicine and comanagement purposes. It’s even Wi-Fi compatible. Excellent quality and outstanding value set this digital fundus scope apart, making it a smart choice in virtually any setting.

The Horus Lens 45 is used with the new Ezer EZ-Horus Auto Focus Camera. It allows a full 45 degree examination of the fundus of the eye. The 45-degree field of view will meet all your needs.

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