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Ocular 20D BIO Lenses
Ocular's OI-20 Maxlight aspheric CR-39 lens, and OI-20M Maxfield aspheric glass lenses are most common for high resolution binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy. The Ocular OI-20A MaxAC all glass lens provides an ultra high resolution retinal image with the binocular indirect ophthalmoscope during clinical practice or in the operationg room, the MaxAC lens is steam autoclavable.
Lens supplied in a walnut case.

Price: $ 170.00

Ocular 90D Glass Slit Lamp Lenses
Ocular MaxField 90 Diopter Slit Lamp Lens is the glass version of the OI-STD, which is the most popular power for non-contact fundus examination


Price: $280.00

Ocular Sussman Four Mirror Hand Held Gonioscope


Four 64° mirrors for complete anterior chamber angle viewing with minimal lens rotation. Directly hand held for easy handling and stability. Small diameter contact surface allows static or dynamic gonioscopy without methylcellulose. Advanced technology, multi-layer polymer coating protects mirrors and is compatible with most disinfecting methods. Available with red, blue, green, gold, purple or traditional black holding ring.


Price $350.00

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