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The OT-2000 Wheelchair Accessible Screening Table

The OT-2000 saves time, space and streamlines your screening area. Rather than moving the patient and the tech from instrument to instrument, this compact table rotates in a full 360 degrees, holds 4 instruments and delivers the instrumentation to the patient and the tech. The OT-2000 also has a center area for printers and monitors. The OT-2000 is so compact it can be used in rooms as small as 5’ x 6’.


  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Rotates in full 360

  • 47.5” Diameter

  • 4 Instrument stations

  • Steel ball bearing slides

  • Motorized

  • Height range: 27.5” - 39.5”

  • 110 Volt AC

  • Weight: 275 Lbs

  • Color: White Sand or Platinum Grey

  • Qualifies for the A.D.A. Tax Credit

The OT-2000 Wheelchair Accessible Screening Table

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