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IBEX 5-Step LED Slit Lamp

A Milestone in Slit Lamp Engineering Building a slit lamp that delivers new levels of tissue observation, coupled with high magnifications and unprecedented field of views, required new solutions and ultimately an advanced optical system.

After intensive design and engineering work, milestones were ultimately achieved and the success laid the foundation for the iBEX 5-Step – and a leap forward in slit lamp observation.

Today the iBEX 5-step provides the optical properties required to integrate the slit lamp’s wide-field lens system, pure light transmission and high magnifications. The result: stunning clarity, six magnifications at your fingertips and a field of view second to none.

Pushing ahead, iBEX’s 4300k color temperature LED delivers new and high-contrast, homogeneous white light for substantial gains in slit lamp observation.

The following gains were once difficult, if not impossible to carry out with conventional illumination: increased tissue fluorescence, enhanced tissue differentiation, increased depth of field, shadow reduction, less temperature. Plus illumination intensity second to none. It’s a leap beyond conventional tungsten and halogen illumination.

Built around the physician, the iBEX design and engineering teams have gone to great lengths to ensure that the mechanical system exemplifies attention to detail and encompasses a host of outstanding features.

Performance, safety and endurance are standard with every iBEX slit lamp.

New IBEX 5-Step LED Slit Lamp

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