New IBEX 2 Step LED Slit Lamp


A Leap Forward in Slit Lamp Engineering

Born from unrestrained engineering and smart innovations, iBEX Slit Lamps have upped the ante on what a doctor should expect in slit lamp microscopy.  Simply stated, where tungsten and halogen illumination slit lamps restrict observation quality, iBEX’s fine-tuned LED Illumination system actually increases visualization of eye tissue while delivering less output temperature to the patient’s eye.Even within prolonged high intensity observation, the iBEX remains exceptionally stable and low temperature. Just turn it up.
iBEX combines optimal color temperature (K) and color rendering index (CRI) with high performance optics. This creates a very specific color hue that delivers brightness and contrast to distinguish one tissue structure from another. It’s a combination that can only be achieved by highly specialized LED illuminati

New IBEX 2 Step LED Slit Lamp


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