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EZER ERU-2600 Auto Recline Chair

Is full of power, innovative design and built to last.

The 180-degree angle reclining chair makes it a favorite among eye care specialists.

The one-handed control mechanism allows simple patient positioning up to a 180 degree recline.

The recline system with convenient Tilt & Release Controls has an elevation system for the seat, backrest and leggings, driven by electric gear motor, which works oil-free, and extremely quiet. Its operation allows various settings, including sitting, full tilt (lying) and intermediate positions.

This high quality unit is solidly built made of carbon steel for a strong and lasting unit and easy to use and maintain. It is wear resistant and corrosion proof.


  • Simple one touch operation control panel

  • Tilting: reclines 180 degrees

  • Strong as steel and built to last

  • Combine with ERU 2600 Instrument Stand to complement your practice

EZER ERU-2600 Auto Recline Chair

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